A collection of venues diverse in design and high in wow factor, our focus is on delivering engaging experiences and exceptional service. An exclusive range of unique and truly authentic venues with a variety of hospitality offerings. From live music to masterclasses, tastings, special events, private and corporate function spaces and even karaoke rooms, Lala’s got something for everyone and every situation.

Black Market

Black Market brings a bit of theatre to the Canberra bar scene - expect hand chipped ice, liquid nitrogen, fat washes, barrel aged and bottle aged cocktails and more.


The journey of finding Molly is half the fun and once you arrive you’ll be treated to Canberra’s most extensive selection of whisky, smooth live jazz plus so much more in an authentic 1920’s speakeasy setting.

The Highball Express

With a laid-back tropical feel, streams of natural sunlight and a big, breezy balcony this venue is the perfect backdrop for a night of fun, frivolity and first-class service.


Hidden in a basement in Hobart Place, 88mph is jam packed with all things 80’s - the music, the colour and most importantly, the fun.